Cocaine Addiction

South Florida and Naples’s cocaine addiction is also on the rise. Cocaine, the primary drug threat within Florida, is smuggled via a variety of conveyances, including commercial cargo vessels, private pleasure craft, cargo and passenger aircraft, and automobiles. After cocaine is smuggled into Florida, some are locally consumed without ever leaving the port city of Miami; the majority of smuggled cocaine is destined for distribution to other areas of the state and outside Florida. Located on the opposite coast of Florida, Miami provides a portion of the cocaine found in Naples and cities up the west coast to the Tampa Bay area. According to the 2006 Interim (January-June) Report of the Florida Medical Examiners, Jacksonville had the highest number of reported incidents of cocaine-related deaths (119 in total), followed by West Palm Beach (90) and Orlando (84).

Crack Cocaine: Miami remains the primary source of cocaine HCl procured by crack cocaine trafficking organizations for transport and conversion within their areas. Distribution generally is centered near public housing developments and inner-city areas. Organizations typically employ minors as lookouts and runners, who re-supply the street dealers from stash locations.

The United States is a major consumer of cocaine, while Colombia is a major supplier. Yet, Colombians do not have a comparative rate of interest in consuming cocaine, given the assessment of the United Nations’ data.