About Us

Dr. Leonard Lado

I have been practicing psychiatry for more than 25 years. I have settled in Southwest Florida, bringing all my expertise to this beautiful community. My specialty is the treatment of Oxycontin Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Alcohol Dependence, and Crystal Meth Addiction using state of the art outpatient Suboxone and new medication treatments.

I would like to welcome you to my practice site. Although I commonly treat mood, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders, my professional interest is in the specialty of addiction. This interest evolved in response to the poorly addressed needs of different communities. Addiction Recovery was not my first choice because, at the time of my training, addiction was marked as an incurable problem. It was not even viewed as a disease, but instead as a character flaw by medical and mental health professionals, as well as patients.

As my studies progressed, I began to notice that society had a vital need for physicians and allied health professionals to treat addiction and its consequences. Thus, there were many professional opportunities created that were geared toward this specialty. By default, in order to truly address the needs of my patients, the treatment of addictions became a prime focus during the development of my specialization. Drug rehab almost always requires the management of other conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Addiction becomes the logical consequence for sufferers who self medicate to seek relief from, instead of proactively treat, illnesses that have continued to evolve since childhood. The stigma and negative media stereotypes are much to be blamed for these self-destructive choices and behaviors, along with our impulses for immediate gratification. The metaphor, “no pain, no gain” is nonexistent in the addict’s mind since the solitary focus, through the use of drugs and alcohol, is simply to hide the pain. For more information about me or my practice, I welcome you to my channel.