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 Outpatient Xpress LAB 
LAB Results in minutes
LAB Results in minutes
The Piccolo Xpress is a compact, portable clinical chemistry system designed for on-site patient testing. Roughly the size of a shoebox, and it's perform routine multi-chemistry panels. 0.1cc of whole blood, serum or plasma is added directly to the patented 8-cm diameter single use plastic disc containing the liquid diluent and dry reagents. The disc is placed in the analyzer drawer where centrifugal and capillary forces are used to mix the reagents and sample in the disc.

The Piccolo Xpress monitors the reagent reactions simultaneously using nine wavelengths, calculates the results from the absorbance data and reports the results. The Piccolo Xpress self-calibrates with each run and the on-board continuous intelligent Quality Control (iQCT) monitors the analyzer, reagent reactions and sample to ensure chemistry and instrument integrity. This assures you the highest quality and accuracy in results. Results are ready in approximately 12 minutes with a “hard copy” report suitable for the patient file or transferred to a computer, printer or an LIS/EMR. This enables our practice to rapidly obtain critical diagnostic information at our Bonita Sprigs office.

Now, our practice can run lab results within 15 minutes!

No more waiting! No more worrying!

The treatment you need in real time!


Panel Descriptions


Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (Waived) – ALB, ALP, ALT, AST, BUN, Ca, Cl-, CRE, GLU, K+, Na+, TBIL, tCO2, TP


Basic Metabolic Panel (Waived) – BUN, Ca, Cl-, CRE, GLU, K+, Na+, tCO2


Lipid Panel (Waived) – CHOL, CHOL/HDL*, HDL, LDL*,TRIG, VLDL*


Lipid Panel Plus (Waived) – ALT, AST, CHOL, CHOL/HDL*, GLU, HDL, LDL*, TRIG, VLDL*


Liver Panel Plus (Waived) – ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, AST, GGT, TBIL, TP


General Chemistry 6 (Waived) – ALT, AST, BUN, CRE, GGT, GLU


General Chemistry 13 (Waived) – ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, AST, BUN, Ca, CRE, GGT, GLU, TBIL, TP, UA


Electrolyte Panel (Waived) – Cl-, K+, Na+, tCO2


Kidney Check (Waived) – BUN, CRE


Renal Panel (Waived) – ALB, BUN, Ca, Cl-, CRE, GLU, K+, Na+, PHOS, tCO2


MetLyte 8 Panel (Waived) – BUN, CK, Cl-, CRE, GLU, K+, Na+, tCO2


Hepatic Panel – ALB, ALP, ALT, AST, DBIL, TBIL, TP


Basic Metabolic Panel Plus – BUN, Ca, Cl-, CRE, GLU, K+, Na+, tCO2, Mg, Lactate Dehydrogenase


MetLyte Plus CRP – BUN, CK, Cl-, CRE, CRP, GLU, K+, Na+, tCO2


BioChemistry Panel Plus – ALT, ALB, ALP, AMY, AST, CRP Ca, CRE, GGT, GLU TP, BUN, UA

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9776 Bonita Beach Road SE, Suite 202B

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>>> Located inside the HealthCare of Bonita Springs Building!

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